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About The NJB

The North Jersey Brigade is a small but dedicated supporters club of the US Men's National Team. We travel to all games possible, mainly those in the Northeast. Through the use of very large flags, banners, confetti, streamers & our voices, we do all that we can to provide a festive atmosphere & to support the US team. If there is a big World Cup Qualifier or Game, you can be sure the NJB will be there in some capacity.

Our Declaration of Support

  • We want to make the East Coast a place where the US national team will feel welcome and more importantly, at home.
  • We will not be concerned with recruiting numbers to fill a section, trademarking logos or selling merchandise over cost.
  • We will be concerned with providing 90 plus minutes of passion supporting our national team.


Founded in the summer of 1997 by Rob Huebner and Ed Kirwan, the North Jersey Brigade made its debut in Baltimore at a friendly between the U.S. and Ecuador. Garnering national T.V. exposure on the acclaimed World Wide Soccer on espn2, the NJB was off and running. Since then, the NJB has followed the U.S. team throughout their games on the East Coast and abroad to multiple World Cups; throughout their trials and tribulations. Known best for their huge flags & banners, you can always find the NJB standing and cheering on the United States National Team.