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The New & Improved NJB SCARF has arrived.

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Show off your nationalistic and state pride with the new & improved NJB scarf. The scarf is shorter and thinner then its predecessor, making it easier to display and lighter to wear. The scarf is still top quality, made of acrylic yarn, has white tassles and is two sided. One side for the good ole' US with the familiar 'NJB' lettering on the ends and the other side for the North Jersey Brigade with the northern NJ map standing out in blue. It's makes a great gift and is perfect for hanging up in the house to show off to family and friends or taking to the game to the support the USA in its World Cup quest.

The price of the scarf is $15.00 with $6.00 for USPS Priority Shipping including Delivery Confirmation up to 3 scarves. To view our shipping chart for orders over 3, please click here.
NOTE: The NJB makes no money from anything they sell. We are not into US soccer to make money.

We gladly accept Paypal.

Due to PayPal fees, $1.00 will be added to the price

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