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A Fair Draw...


Stanhope, NJ - Do you remember the last time United States were picked as favorites to advance out of their group? Neither do I. So now with the tournament just half a year away we�re given a dream draw. Seriously, even the European soccer pundits are raving about our chances, how often does that happen? If Bob and company �screw the pooch� on this one I think it�s fair to say that it will spell the end of the Bradley era. Let�s hope that doesn�t happen.

Predictions and Surprises

Group A:

South AfricaSouth Africa

Probably not a draw South Africa had hoped for. But consider the fact that they were bound to get one of the 3 CONCACAF teams and one of the 3 CONMENBOL teams. So they got the middle team in Mexico, and the weakest team in Uruguay respectively. Yes, getting France surely $ucks, but the frogs don�t have head-butting Zidane, surely a disadvantage. On the surface it might look bad, but in reality they �have� a chance. However, when you factor in how much they $uck, perhaps they have no chance at all. History will be made in this group.

1. Mexico
2. France

Group B:

South KoreaSouth Korea

Argentina barely makes the World Cup and they�re rewarded with an average Nigeria, a somewhat average South Korea, and a below average Greece. Guess how Maradona is celebrating tonight? Hint: it involves a straw.

1. Argentina
2. Nigeria

Group C:

United StatesUSA

Really the US could not have hoped for a better draw, well unless they drew South Africa, Uruguay and Slovakia. But nonetheless it�s probably the best draw they ever had. If they don�t make it out of the group I see no way Bob Bradley keeps his job. On the other hand remember the last time US played in Islamic country in the World Cup? The NJB does.

1. England
2. United States

Group D:


D stands for death in this group. Easily the hardest group to advance from. Germany and Serbia qualified with games to spare, Australia did the same and did not allow a goal at home, and Ghana are considered 2nd best in Africa behind Ivory.

1. Germany
2. Australia

Group E:


Not an easy group for anyone, but Netherlands are the clear choice to advance. Denmark are highly underrated in my opinion. They�re not a superstar team, but they have a squad that plays well together.

1. Netherlands
2. Denmark

Group F:

New ZealandNew Zealand

Jersey Shore fist pumping guidos must be celebrating this draw as if they won the World Cup. Seriously, New Zealand and Slovakia? They can easily out-dive those minnows.

1. Italy
2. Paraguay

Group G:

North KoreaNorth Korea
Ivory CoastIvory Coast

Welcome back to the World Cup North Korea. The only way to progress here is if you nuke your opponents, and your missiles don�t have that kind of range. Ivory Coast vs. Portugal will be a thriller. $10 says Ronaldo cries at the end of that match.

1. Brazil
2. Ivory Coast

Group H:


Last time and the only time Honduras played in the World Cup they tied Spain 1-1. Good luck getting that result again. Spain will clean up this group as they did in 2006.

1. Spain
2. Chile

My pick as the surprise team of the tournament goes to Denmark. A highly under rated team. It wouldn�t surprise me if they win their group.

Project 2010My pick for the bust of the tournament goes to South Africa. They�ll make history and become the first country that fails to advance to the next round as a host.

As far as US, they will advance to next round. Let�s just focus on that, especially after 2006.

The winner will be the USA of course. Come on folks, it�s Project 2010 coming to fruition! Freddy Adu will be the star of this tournament. Okay, back to reality. I think Spain will claim their first world championship.

Dimitri Khomyak
-Special to the NJB. Dimitri can be reached at:


US Draws England, Algeria & Slovenia

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